Ra Solar

Experience and innovation in energy management

Management of Solar Fields Ra SolarRa Solar is an independent company created in 2005 with the intention of providing a quality and comprehensive service to companies, investors and particulars who may need to manage their photovoltaic assets in an optimized and intelligent way.

We have highly specialized multidisciplinary teams in each of the divisions that make up the comprehensive management work we do. The professionals in Ra Solar are actively involved at the different stages of each project, from the identification, to the building of solar farms and its subsequent connection to the electrical grid, and finally to the ongoing and comprehensive management of the installation.

Customized to each client and comprehensive management

Since it was founded, Ra Solar has proved its ability to perform and its experience to adapt its work to the specific needs of each client. Thanks to this ongoing commitment, which leads our firm to achieve success in every developed project, we have succeeded in managing the construction and connection of 14 MW in nine solar farms in different areas of Spain.

Our demonstrated willingness and professional delivery at the service of each customer, and our ongoing involvement in all stages of the photovoltaic investment make us the best choice to manage photovoltaic assets independently and efficiently.