Investing in solar energy

Our experience and all the research and analysis that we conduct, make us believe that investing in solar energy is a safe and advantageous both from an economic and from an environmental point of view. That’s why from Ra Solar we want to state some of the main reasons that make the photovoltaic installations an energy source and a profitable investment with a lot of future.

An affordable energy source

Investing in solar energyThe solar energy installations are not set up exclusively on large lots. The roofs of houses, industrial buildings and agricultural buildings are a suitable surface for the placement of solar panels. That way, both large investors and ordinary citizens can contribute to the future and to sustainable development by investing in solar energy.

Reliability and durability of photovoltaic systems

Solar panels have a lifespan of over 25 years. This means that when installed in your home or industrial building, you can take advantage of the power generated by your installation for a very long period of time, repaying extensively the initial investment during the lifetime of the solar panels.

It doesn’t produce noise or polluting emissions

The use of solar panels for power generation prevents the emission of polluting gases, such as CO2, into the atmosphere. It thus contributes to mitigating climate change and ensures a sustainable future for generations to come. Furthermore, this type of energy does not generate any kind of acoustic impact as other forms of energy generation using turbines and engines do.

The threat of fossil fuels

Investing in solar energyIn Ra Solar, we know that the future of power generation passes through solar plants.

Currently in our country there is a strong dependence on energy sources that need to be imported from countries outside the European Union. These energy sources, which are oil, coal and gas, have a long list of disadvantages, among which are the following:

  • The availability of these energy sources is constantly changing depending on the geopolitical situation of the moment. And with the availability, the price also varies so it may increase significantly in a short period of time.
  • These energy sources are limited resources. If we continue depending on them rather than take action and be proactive for the future, there will come a time when these fuels are exhausted and the next generations won’t have any supplies.
  • The combustion of these energy resources, which is the means by which they produce energy, emits to the atmosphere a very large amount of polluting gases such as CO2. These gases are responsible for the greenhouse effect, whose climatic and environmental consequences are so negative for the future of our planet.

The Sun: the energy of the future

Solar energy, however, can solve these problems for the following reasons:

  • This is a local energy source, which is produced in our country and doesn’t need to be imported from outside, also, its price is not subjected to changes in supply and demand at all times. The only cost of solar energy is the initial investment. From that moment on, it’s the sun that is responsible for generating the necessary energy.
  • Sunlight is inexhaustible, so encouraging its use today will be providing our children a decent standard of living and unlimited access to energy.
  • This type of energy does not generate waste during its use. This way, we are taking care of a natural environment that will give shelter to generations and generations.

All of these reasons make us believe that investing in solar energy is an option that is responsible, sensible and has future.