Villar de Cañas Solar Farm – Cuenca (1,5 MW)

Huerto Solar de Villar de Cañas – Cuenca

Thanks to 49 ADES solar trackers, this park gets maximum performance out of the sun hourly.

It was connected in the summer of 2008; it was a very challenging project during its construction. Carrying out the comprehensive management of this park has given us a very wide knowledge about the functioning of solar trackers.

Technical details:

  • The project has 15 independent plants of 100kWp each.
  • Each plant has its own transformer and inverter Solarmax 100C.
  • The plant has a total of 7,824 polycrystalline panels made by the brands Canadian Solar and Bisol.
  • This plant can supply energy for 900 Spanish households per year, avoiding the emission of 700 tons of CO2.