Technical management

Technical managementThe technical department of Ra Solar has extensive experience developing and monitoring solar farms. Within the technical management we conduct for the facilities we control, we implement a series of measures in a continuous and reasoned way in order to optimize and control the energy production of the photovoltaic installation.

The actions put in place for the technical management are the following:

  • Supervision. We control, analyze and optimize the energy output of each of the plants through remote monitoring systems.
  • Maintenance. We check and supervise, following our work methodology, the tasks of operation and maintenance, minimizing response times and ensuring the proper resolution of incidents.
  • Information. We periodically generate comprehensive reports on the production and maintenance of the solar plant.
  • Resolution. We handle the complete management of all possible incidents until the final resolution of any technical irregularity or accident.
  • Inspection. We perform periodic visits to the installations to conduct visual inspections and to verify the correct working of the solar plants.