Comprehensive management of solar plants

From Ra Solar we carry out the comprehensive management of a solar plant, regardless of its size and structure. To ensure our customers a successful and profitable operation of their photovoltaic system, we rely on our proven experience and the extensive knowledge we have of the solar energy sector. Only that way, we achieve the goal of providing each customer a complete service, tailored to their specific needs, and optimize each of the divisions of their business.

The work we do in the solar farms is based on these three principles:

  • Control. Through a series of monitoring systems and our own work methodology, we always know what is happening in your solar farm and can respond efficiently according to each situation.
  • Optimization. We carry out a continuous analysis of all variables that affect the operation of a photovoltaic plant. Through the observation and diagnosis of these elements we maximize the performance of the resources of the installation.
  • Profitability. The ultimate goal of our work is to obtain maximum revenue on your solar farm. Our finance department will help ensure the IRR improvement of your energy investment.

Gestion Integral de Huertos Solares


Our team of professionals, who specialize in the different areas that come into play in the overall management of a solar installation, is fully committed to work to optimize the operation and performance of the different solar plants we monitor. To this end, we take each project fully, taking care of all matters regarding the three main areas covering a solar business:

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