Operation management

Ra Solar has different departments specialized in carrying out the management of the operation of a solar plant. Through our highly trained professionals, we guarantee the functioning and optimal plant performance continuously. This operation management includes the assessment of obligations for the upkeep of the solar farm, in which we analyze in detail all the factors that may be involved in the project.

Operation management This work of study and monitoring is based on the following functions:

  • Intermediation. We handle all management tasks and dialogue with the different actors taking part in the operation of solar plants.
  • Optimization. We inspect and evaluate all existing contracts affecting the photovoltaic installation (operation and maintenance contracts, contracts with insurance companies, with market players, with security companies…). Also, we review these contracts and renegotiate them at current market conditions.
  • Representation. We assume all functions on behalf of the clients to third parties and advise them on these features with our industry knowledge.
  • Inspection. We permanently and constantly supervise the proper work order of the safety systems and the management of the consignee.
  • Information. We hold regular meetings with the customers to inform them accurately about the evolution of their business.