Administrative, financial and legal management

Administrative, financial and legal management For the comprehensive management of our client’s solar plants, that we carry out in Ra Solar, to be successful, is of vital importance that the administrative, financial and legal status of the photovoltaic installation is done with the judgment and accuracy of our analysis, control and optimization systems.

In this area, we have several highly skilled departments who are responsible for the administrative part of the company from any point of view, economical, financial and legal; in which the solar plant may be involved. The management tasks with which we help our clients get the most out of their investment are:

  • Administrative and accounting management. We handle all accounting aspects of the plant; we also process all tax documents from the Tax Office, the Register, the Chamber of Commerce or any other competent body.
  • Financial management. We produce regular reports on the financial situation of the company; we control the entire billing from the electric companies and we exercise as interlocutors between our client and the financial institutions. We also take responsibility for the processing of invoices and claims and we continuously make analyses to estimate and optimize operational costs.
  • Legal Management. We handle any claim to insurance companies, and the actions and reviews of new regulations that may appear in the energy market.