Self-consumption Solar energy in your roof

Do you know how much energy you consume in a year?

The average consumption of a Spanish household is 2,992 kWh per year. To generate that much energy today, 807 tons of CO2 have to be released into the atmosphere. Ultimately, all this amount of polluting emissions is a serious threat to the environment. But fortunately, thanks to the advantages of solar energy we can avoid this serious problem.

Paneles Solares en Tejados

Any person or institution can now install solar panels on the roofs of their buildings for the self-consumption of electricity. Installing 9 photovoltaic plants on your roof (of an approximate area of 15 m2) the grid will receive the equivalent of the energy your house consumes in a year in a clean and sustainable way.

What other benefits will my photovoltaic roof bring?

Over the next few years renewable energies, including photovoltaic, are going to be the engine of change in the energy model. In the future, the current centralized model will be abandoned, where there are big generation points that produce electric energy, which then must be transported by complex distribution networks. And a distributed model, also known as Smart Grid, will be adopted, which will be cleaner and more efficient than the current one.

These new power grids have the following advantages:

  • Power generation will take place near the point of consumption. So no energy will be lost during transport.
  • Each region will have local energy sources that will allow the adaptation of the generation and demand more efficiently and safely. It will also create jobs locally.
  • The main sources of generation will be renewable and clean.

Installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of your home or industrial building will not only be reducing the energy impact on the environment, but also will contribute to the development of the sustainable energy model of the future.