05 Jun

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Today, 5th June,  the World Environment Day is celebrated.

This years’s motto is “Green Economy: Does it include YOU?”.

With this sentence, the UNEP aims to focus our mind to a concept which can seem complex at first, but is actually based in three principles:

– Low carbon emissions. Green Economy is powered by energy resources which don’t use fossil fuels.

– Ressource efficiency. Rational use of sources from which we get the raw materials, energy, food…

– Socially inclusive.  Everybody must have the right and possibility to take part in this economy.

All of us should consider the next: ¿Am I part of the green economy?

Renewables are!:

Strengthening the use of renewable energies is a way of contributing to the development of green economy, since those kinds of energy are free of carbon emissions, are based in perpetual sources (such as sun and wind) and can allow everybody to have a fair and worthy access to energy.

For more information, you can visit the United Nations Environment Programme website.