Self-Consumption and Net-Metering: A brief approach.

31 Mai

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Self-Consumption with Net-Metering can become a good option for those who want to get their electricity bill reduced while generating clean and sustainable energy but what does it consist of?

A Self-Consumption facility consists of solar modules set up either in the roof of a house or over an industry building. Those modules produce electricity during the daylight hours and pour it into the electric net. The amount of generated electricity is registered by a counter device.

Independently, the building will continue consuming the electricity from the electric net and another counter will register the electricity consumption, just like it has always been.

Therefore, a building with a self-consumption facility will have two counters: one of them will give the amount of energy produced and the other one will get the lecture of energy consumption.

At the end of each month, it will be considered the measurements of both counter devices. For example:
– If the energy consumption is 250 kWh and the energy production is 200 kWh, the owner will have to pay 50 kWh of electric consumption.
– If both energy consumption and production are 250 kWh, the owner won’t have to pay the energy consumption.
– If the energy consumption is 250 kWh and the energy production is 300 kWh, the owner will be allowed to consume 50 kWh with no cost.

RD1699/2011 set the basis for self-consumption in Spain and let the way clear to continue legislating with regards to this activity.

Another law, RDL13/2012, avoided important administrative barriers.

There is not still a legislation which establishes the technical and invoicing procedures; since there are aspects which are being discussed. Anyway, the example provided in this article gives a good approach of what is being intended to do.

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